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Micro Vickers Hardness Tester w/ Fully programmable XYZ axis hardness testing/Automatic Vickers Hardness Testers

Model No. 900-505
  • Designed to test in Vickers (HV) and Knoop (HK) hardness scales.
  • Fully programmable & automatic Vickers and Knoop hardness testing
  • All Vickers hardness models in this series are supplied with an Auto Turret.
  • All Phase II Vickers hardness testers come standard with digital camera, camera adaptor tube, usb cabling and software
  • All software will do hardness conversions on screen

1. Motorized XY stage, standard size: 110mmX110mm table dimension, 50mmX50mm XY travel lengths

2. XYZ stepping drive box, with AC power cable, USB communication cable, XY motor cable, Z motor cable, and RS232 cable.

3. 1.3M Pixel USB 2.0 Camera (130-WOM)

4. Fully automatic Vickers software (USB dongle and software CD)

Our advanced line of Micro Vickers hardness testers are state-of-the-art, precise testing systems suitable for Vickers hardness analysis of metallic specimens in metallography laboratories or production environments.

The Phase II micro-vickers hardness testers are versatile and user-friendly systems, designed for the accurate Vickers and Knoop hardness testing of small precision parts, thin materials, coatings, wires and case depth determinations. The Phase II 900-505 micro-vickers hardness tester includes Automated X-Y-Z platform and controllers along with Auto-Turret, Video Cam, Adapter, USB Output Cable and Automatic Measurement Software. The 900-505 Micro Vickers hardness tester covers the load range from 10g to 1kg.

Conforming to ASTM E-384/92 vickers hardness testers standards, the 900-505 series micro vickers hardness testers will offer unmatched repeatability. This micro Vickers hardness tester can toggle back and forth between Vickers and Knoop measurement. A perfect rugged performer suited for any environment, the Phase II vickers hardness testers are offered with a 5 year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Objective lens 10× (observation) 40× (measurement)
eyepiece 10×
Total magnification 100× (observation) 400× (measurement)
Measurement resolution 0.0625μm
Halogen brightness 10 adjustable

Hardness Tester Specifications:

  • 1. Test Forces: (gf) and (Nm)
    10, 25, 50,100, 200, 300, 500, 1000(1K) gf
    98, 245, 490, 980, 1960, 2940, 4900, 9800 Nm
  • 2. Test Scales:
    Vickers Scales: HV0.01, HV0.025, HV0.05, HV0.1, HV0.2, HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1
    Knoop Scales: HK0.01, HK0.025, HK0.05, HK0.1, HK0.2, HK0.3, HK0.5, HK1
  • 3. Test mode: HV / HK
  • 4. Language: English / Chinese
  • 5. Test force application: Automatic –Loading-Dwell-Unloading
  • 6. X-Y-Z Testing Table a) Dimension: 100×100mm b) Travel: 25×25 mm c) Revolving power: 0.002mm
  • 7. Selection of hardness scale conversions
  • 8. Dwell time of the test force: 0~90s (5 sec increments)
  • 9. Turrett: Toggle between indenters and objectives: Automatic and manual selectable
  • 10. Brightness: adjustable

Currently the system provides 14 programmable pattern types:

  1. Line;
  2. Line Set;
  3. Free Click;
  4. Horizontal Line;
  5. Vertical Line;
  6. Curve Line Sets;
  7. Curve Matrices;
  8. Arc;
  9. Gear Fillet;
  10. Gear Top Parallel;
  11. Auto Line Sets;
  12. Auto Matrices ;
  13. Circle Center;
  14. Curve Gear Top Parallel
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