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Digital Hardness Indicator Upgrade/Rockwell Hardness Digital Indicator

Model No. 9700 series/9500 series

The 9700 series digital hardness indicators are an accurate yet affordable option to replace the dial on your analog hardness tester. The 9700 series hardness indicator gives you the complete functionality of a true digital Rockwell hardness tester with popular features such as statistics, memory, conversions to Brinell hardness scale or Vickers hardness scale, limit setting and more.

Specifications: For Digital Hardness Indicator

Model No. 900331345-9700 900330-9500
Scales: All Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester Scales All Rockwell Hardness Tester Scales
Conversions Brinell, Vickers Brinell, Vickers
Resolution 0.1HR 0.1HR
Display 128×64 Matrix LCD w/Backlight 128×64 Matrix LCD w/Backlight
Memory 1000 Readings 1000 Readings
Auto-Power Off
Ni-Mh Battery w/Charger Ni-Mh Battery w/Charger
Dimensions 114 x 37mm Dia.
Mounting: 108x16mm Dia.
114 x 37mm Dia.
Mounting: 108x16mm Dia.
Utilizing the guidelines of ASTM E-18
14.8oz. 14.8oz.
Fits models Phase II 900-331, 900-345, Starrett Model 3814, 3819, SPI model 15-817-0, 15-142-3, 21-314-0 Phase II 900-330, HR-150/HR-150A
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